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In line with our efforts to serve our growing community of real estate investors from Singapore and around the region, Noble Sky Institute is now operating under the brand Noble Sky International.


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Finally A Property Investment Model That Works!
Creating Wealth Should Be This Simple.

Welcome to Noble Sky Institute

“Congratulations! You have arrived at the most Unique Real Estate Investing Model available to newbies to multiply your success In Property Investment.

We mentor our students to invest only in Safe and Secure Real Estate investments as the best short-term investment.


Noble Sky Institute is the ONLY Professional US Real Estate Investment Company in Singapore and Southeast Asia to successfully offer this business model.

Make your Best Financial Decision and join our Specialized Workshop where I will personally help you accomplish your dreams”.

Rauf Said – U.S.A. Real Estate Investor & Strategist

We specialize in u.s.a. real estate investing utilizing A proven strategy That Will Perform for you.

“This by far is the best strategy to enter in the U.S. property market.

I really regretted that I did not join this property investment course earlier.

Trainers Ais and Rauf are really committed to your success”.


Internet Marketer

“We always buy properties at maximum of 35% LOWER than the market value. It’s unheard of to buy at super-low cost.

So when I heard that we can buy properties which are 90% BELOW the market value, it’s really shocking to me! I really cannot wait now!”


Senior Real Estate Agent

“The program has taught me everything I needed to know about property investment in the U.S.

I recommend this program to others. It’s a big (property) mine field in the U.S. so having somebody that has the experience is definitely key to your success.”


Investor From New Zealand

Plan Your Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

Learn the SECRET Blueprint to passive income even without experience or cash. Our research team uses facts and datas to make informed recommendations about your property investment journey.

We also have direct access to new properties under construction that may never be made available to the general public.

Thinking Of Flipping A House For Profit?

Essentially “house flipping” or “flipping houses” is a term that means you are buying an under-valued property and then turning around and selling it for a profit. 

Our investment consultants work to assist you to plan your step-by-step process and show you the fundamentals of flipping houses for profit.

Manage Your Investments Easily And Effectively

You’re ready to invest in real estate, but you don’t know whether to rent out your new property or flip it for a quick profit.

Our Real Estate Managers developed discipline strategies and identify key investment areas that maximize profits before any transactions. You too, can build no-stress property portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Course For Beginners?

We do have a real estate investing workshop for beginners which provide you with a step-by-step blueprint that will teach you how to quickly analyze any real estate deal.

Is The Property Investment Classes Only In Singapore?

From time to time, my team and I will travel to different cities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to conduct USA Real Estate Secrets Uncovered R.E.S.C.U.E. Free Live Event.

Do get in touch with us and we will update you of our latest and upcoming events.

I Have Only Little Money, Can I Still Invest?

It is a myth that you need a lot of money to start investing in real estate. You can get started with only a small amount of money. The most important thing is to get started.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

I’m glad you asked.

Many of our clients started off with some uncertainty that they face which I help answer immediately help clarify so they understand about the property investment in the USA.

Personally, I have gained valuable experience for over 7 years of travelling to the United States to learn about the legalities of purchasing properties in different countries.

My mentors in the USA provide valuable support with boots on the grounds to assist during site visits and property inspections. I have negotiated with many contractors and property owners to secure the best prices and we keep a good solid set of documentations in place.

I want to personally assure you that the concerns you have are normal and this does not only apply to first-time investors.

So do get in touch with us. I would love to personally meet with you for a chat at any of our upcoming live events.

Do You Conduct Free Seminars?

From time to time, we do conduct free seminar on property investment education. Whenever you attend any seminar, never make any decisions about money or investments on the spot.

Always give yourself time to consider things calmly. You can contact our consultants should you have any other questions.

I Don’t Have Time To Attend The Workshops But I Have Ready Funds That I Want To Invest.

If you are a property investor and ready to invest in the USA, you can reserve a time slot for a private confidential consultation with Rauf Said.

Click the button below to submit your application.

My team will be in touch to schedule a time to chat.


Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Real Estate Investing. 

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